I am always looking for healthy ways to manage my mental wellbeing. One is of course writing, but I have also found a new joy in being creative.

I have never found drawing to be as relaxing, mostly because I get so frustrated that I can’t draw what I see in my head. I absolutely understand that I could practice and improve, but creating art digitally has been so great for me, I am happy with that.

If you feel like having a browse, here is a link to my own little Etsy shop where you can purchase my creations as digital downloads.

The name of my Etsy shop is 2 Pricks in a Pot – this is a little shout out to my partner as he is so often my light when I am feeling dark. People called us two peas in a pod but as plant lovers, we changed it to two pricks in a pot when we bought a new plant… two cacti in a pot!

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