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  • Tuning In

    Part of my healing journey has been focused on tuning in. Tuning into my body, my mind, emotions, physical and spiritual energy. How many people, when they feel depressed, go numb? That’s our brains protecting us from feeling it. It is switching everything off and going into survival mode. While that serves a purpose for… Read more

  • Choosing Me

    I have always been a hard worker and pushed myself to build a successful career. I understand now that I was always trying to prove myself. To prove to anyone that doubted me because I didn’t go to university, or know what I wanted to do straight away. Let’s be honest, I was mostly trying… Read more

  • My Journey

    It’s been a long time since I shared a blog on my journey. Whenever I started to write something real, with the view of sharing, I felt spirituality blocked. There was a part of me that didn’t want to share my journey here, for fear of people reading who are no longer in my life.… Read more

  • Look Back

    Look back, look forward, stay present. I love a good motivational quote. I’ve expressed before how Pinterest is one of my coping tools. There is one that comes up a lot which is “don’t look back, you’re not going that way”. Now, I get it, I do. There is another quote about living in the… Read more

  • Procrastination

    Hello fellow warriors! Just checking in đŸ’œ Is anyone else feeling like a big barrel of ‘I don’t know’ at the moment? I feel like my brain is going at 1000mph and there are so many things I want to do or need to do, but instead… I do nothing. I get so overwhelmed with… Read more

  • You don’t have to be grateful that it isn’t worse.

    Hello lovely readers! I know I’ve not been consistently blogging, but I also know that people are still reading my old blogs. I occasionally get asked if I’m still writing, so I know when I say ‘hello lovely readers’ that there are in fact a few of you still with me at least! As with… Read more

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